Merge Request

Merge Request

Once your commit passed all the pipelines and has finished integrating (green) you can make a Merge Request MR to the master branch. If your MR is rejected it must not be reopened. The errors must be fixed and the new solution must be sent in a new MR.

1.1 Differences with commit messages

Merge Request commits are like commit messages with only three differences:

  1. Merge Request [type] has to be the most relevant type of all its commits. The relevance list is:

Where revert has the highest and sol the lowest relevance.

For example, if your MR has one feat, one test and one style commit, the [type] of your MR must be feat.

  1. They can (not mandatory) implement a Closes #{issue-number} in their footer, which triggers the automatic closing of the referenced issue once the MR gets accepted

1.2 Example

Here is an example of a compliant Merge Request Message:

integrates\feat(build): #13.3 new checks to dangerfile
- Add type_check
- Add deltas_check
- Add commit_number check
Closes #13

Issue number 13 will be automatically closed once this MR is accepted due to the Closes #13 footer.