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Forum Template

Forum Template

When you want to ask for help in the community it's better when you explain in detail what happens because that helps to understand your problem and help to other users with a similar problem to understand what is going on and find a solution too. This improves your ability to explain problems and solutions in writing. Moreover, it shows what you tried and whether you first researched possible solutions to your issue.

For that reason we suggest using the following template and remember: the more details and information you give, the better and quicker solutions can be found for each case.


The post must be in English. This is not a language academy, we are not expecting perfect written English from you. We are expecting someone who is confident enough to be able to communicate its needs in English.

### What happens
The description of what happens.
### What do you understand or find about that problem
Explain what do you think about what happens and/or what do you find in your
research about what happens.
### Did you try any workaround? What did you do?
Explain your workaround if you made one or explain why you didn’t do one.
### (Optional) Why does the workaround fail?
Explain why the workaround fails.
### Evidences
Add log, screenshots, URLs,
or whatever that you consider that can help to solve the problem.
### I need help with
Explain what things you need help,
this helps to find a fast answer to anyone that tries to help you.

The following links shows a post with a correct use of the template.

This publication does not comply with the characteristics stated above


If you found a solution in your own way please post your solution too, in case that you found the solution in the thread please mark it as solved with the solution.